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Mountain Mama

Thank you for sharing that, Joe. You said some of what I've been thinking about the situation with Bonds, only you said it far more eloquently than I ever could. Beautifully done.


Along about that same 1969 time frame, I remember my 9-year-old brother holding one of his prized baseball cards in the air and saying, 'here's the guy that's gonna do it'. 'He's gonna break the Babe's record'. He, too, followed Hammering Hank's career, and let me tell you, following the career of a Brave wasn't exactly the most popular thing to do growing up deep in the heart of St. Louis Cardinal country.

I remember clearly the night the record was broken, the relief on Hank's face, and the quiet pride on the face of an all-to-often surley 14 year-old as he clutched the dog-eared baseball card in his upraised fist while Hank jogged around the bases.

We haven't talked about the Bond's quest, but I have no doubt that my brother would be right there - standing next to you and Hank.


Thanks MM and MsJackie! It's really heartening to hear others feeling similarly!


There's no doubt from reading your heartfelt story that Hank the dog and Hank the man have played important parts in your life at such a difficult time with the loss of your father. Thanks for sharing it.

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